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Somewhere along the way, between going to school and growing up and working and paying bills and saving money and trying to be a parent, we can lose sight of our own life. Why do we do the things we do? What is the point of everything we’re doing? Why did certain things happen? Different situations, whether it’s a health diagnosis or navigating relationships or a global pandemic, can make us take stock of our lives and examine our priorities and values. "What is the meaning of life?" has no specific answer, but, "what is the meaning of your life?" does. Let's find it.


Perfectionism could be aiming for perfection in everything you do. It could also be:

  • Constantly comparing yourself

  • Being hard on yourself

  • Having high expectactions

  • Using a critical inner voice

  • Viewing life through a black-or-white, all-or-nothing lens

  • Agonizing over decisions and details

  • Doubting yourself

  • Wanting control

I know because I've been there. I can also say that working through a perfectionistic mindset improves life dramatically. Counselling can return you to a state of trusting yourself, feeling at peace with life's inconsistencies, and practicing flexibility. 


Are you overthinking everything?

Do you feel fried at the end of the day?

Are panic attacks showing up more often?

Do you worry about all the big things and the little things?

Is it hard to make any decision?

Does your body feel in fight or flight mode?

You don't need to feel that way. There will always be stressful things in life, and yet, you don't need to constantly feel stressed, or worried, or anxious. I like to talk through these anxious feelings and thoughts, as well as tune in physically to where and how your body is holding them. Together, we can learn what it is like to process stress and anxiety in a healthy, sustainable way. 


We don't choose our parents or our upbringing, and yet they impact us for life. Imagine having the skills to:

Set boundaries

Regulate your own emotions

Stop people pleasing

Make yourself a priority

Stop managing other's emotions

Address perfectionism

Moderate your inner voice

Navigate relationship distress in a healthy way

Soften your triggers

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